CHOICE: Helping chefs create

Providing the best ingredients and produce helps our customers create and deliver delicious menus.  FineFrance are a specialist supplier with a wide range of products that provides chefs with a choice and a point of difference.  Last year we supplied over 1800 different products - however we aren't limited by numbers. 

If there is a product you need - please call us and we will try to source it for you. 

OUR RANGE includes

We are proud of our French roots - however we also supply some of the best products from across the world.  

Our list and seasonal products include:

SPECIALIST POULTRY: Poulet de Bresse, 'label rouge' products, quail, duck, guinea fowl, goose, squab pigeon, poussin, Challandais duck, pigeon, game birds (grouse, red leg partridge, wood pigeon, mallard & pheasant), fatted duck and foie gras.

SPECIALIST MEAT: Hare, wild rabbit, goat, suckling pig, Bayonne pork belly, Charolais beef, Boubonnais Lamb, British meat (beef, lamb & pork), Milk fed baby lamb, Limousin veal, Gascony black pork, wild venison and wild boar.

OTHER MEAT PRODUCTS:  Toulouse sausages, Spanish chorizo, Morteaux sausages, tripe, boudin blanc and noir, Bourgogne snails, oysters, frogs legs, French, Spanish & Italian charcuterie, whole Bayonne ham, Iberico ham, pates & rillettes and Italian lardo.

OTHER FINE FOODS: Brittany seaweeds, fresh olives from Provence, oils & vinegars, couverture, frozen pastry, Guerande salt & smoked salt, pulses, buckwheat, French flours, nuts, French honey & jam, frozen fruit purees & frozen whole fruit and spices.

DAIRY & EGGS: Normandy butter, a wide selection of French & European cheeses (cow, goat, ewe) and duck, pheasant & quail eggs.

SEASONAL VEGETABLES: Fresh and dried mushrooms (wild & cultivated), candy beetroot, Jersey Royals, Romanesco broccoli, English, French & wild asparagus, baby vegetables (carrots, turnips, beetroot), smoked garlic, large & baby artichokes, wild garlic, heritage tomatoes & vegetables, nettles, nasturtium roots, edible flowers, samphire, salsify, fresh truffles.   

SEASONAL FRUIT: Unwaxed lemons, rhubarb, mixed berries, Jolly melons, white peaches, Gariguette & English strawberries and black figs.

our product range changes with the season and is updated weekly